(distance: 6 km)

Certaldo Alto still has a large part of its original medieval walls and three gateways intact, Porta Alberti, Porta al Sole and Porta al Rivellino. There are two main streets originating from different eras, via del Rivellino and via Boccaccio. A series of characteristic narrow lanes and alleys cut across these two arterial roads. Numerous secluded orchards and fields within the city walls are a characteristic feature of this town. The village is accessed by traveling up the ancient and precipitous roads of either Costa Alberti or Costa Vecchia, or rather by taking the more recently constructed via del Castello. The village and its surroundings offer a rare example of medieval urban planning which culminates in the imposing Palazzo Pretorio situated at the summit. Also worth visiting are the church of Saints Jacob and Phillip (la chiesa dei SS. Jacopo e Filippo) and the house of Giovanni Boccaccio, celebrated author of the “Decamerone”.